Some Las Vegas strip clubs bar unescorted women—and by unescorted, I mean by a man. There are two main reasons for this policy encore beach club.

First, the strip clubs don’t want prostitutes coming in and soliciting their customers, who are horny and primed for action wet republic. A strip club that tolerates independent working girls not only risks lost revenues, but could lose its license if it appeared that it was condoning the solicitation.

Second, the clubs want to avoid embarrassing scenes where angry wives or girlfriends come hunting for their men. Some guys think of strip clubs as safe havens from the real world and their real lives drais las vegas. That’s why they call them “gentlemen’s clubs.” They’re traditionally for men only.

But as more men these days are coming into strip clubs las vegas escorts with their wives and girlfriends, more and more clubs are allowing in unescorted women, as long as they seem to be out on the town looking for fun. Also, young women who look like dancer material may be allowed into a club if they say they want to check out the place because they’re considering auditioning there.

It’s not unusual in a female-friendly strip club to see a male/female couple buying lap dances for each other. I’ve been going to strip clubs for 50 years and up until about 10 years ago, you never saw this. Sometimes the female buys dances for her guy. Sometimes he buys dances for her. Sometimes the lap dancer goes back and forth. Why does it make me so happy to see this? Ah, young love. The dancers seem to adore their female fans and go out of their way to lavish attention on them tao las vegas.

In querying doormen, cashiers, and managers, I discovered that not all clubs have a strict policy in this regard, basing their decision to allow entry case by case. In general, these policies are loosening.

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Any strip club in Vegas will now allow entry to a woman escorted by a man, or a group of women escorted by a group of men.

But if you’re looking for a high-end club where you’ll see a number of other couples, so that the female half of the couple won’t be the only woman there, these clubs are the best choices.

Crazy Horse III: Locals’ discounts.

Floyd Mayweather’s Girl Collection:  I’ve seen Floyd announce on Facebook that the three best dressed women customers at the club will get a 1st prize of $3000, 2nd prize of $2000, and 3rd price of $1000.  And Floyd says:  “Ladies are definitely welcome with or without a male companion.”

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